You’re Missing the World’s Biggest Cannabis Market

Honestly, most folks have been so focused on Canada legalizing marijuana . . . and the expansion of the U.S. market . . .
That they’re completely missing the world’s biggest market.
One tiny company plans to enter the market in 2019 . . . and right now, you can buy pre-IPO shares.
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Now, the North American  cannabis market is going to be +$100 billion per year.
But across the Atlantic – in Europe – the cannabis market opportunity is far bigger. Europe boasts a population of 742 million – nearly double the population of the United States.
London research firm Prohibition Partners estimates that the European cannabis market will reach $131.5 billion within a decade!
That’ll make this market 47% bigger than the U.S. market for cannabis.
Many European countries are relying upon marijuana imports – since they don’t have their own domestic production.
The United Kingdom, Germany and Portugal allow cannabis to be imported.
One new pre-IPO company is in the process of setting up cannabis farms to supply this booming market (click here for details).
The company plans to grow 23,500 kilograms of cannabis in 232,900 square feet of newly constructed greenhouses.
That cannabis will cost the company just $0.40 / gram to grow – far less than costs to grow in Canada or the U.S. Meanwhile, the retail price for cannabis is over $10 / gram!
That means the gross profit margin on one gram of cannabis could be 96%!
Here’s the best news.
This market is developing right now.
That means there will be numerous positive news developments in 2019. And this news flow will send the stock price surging.
Imagine jumping into a time machine and going back to 2014.
Back then, you could’ve bought the top cannabis stocks for pennies. And today you’d be sitting on huge profits:

  • OrganiGram: 598%
  • Aphria: 929%
  • Canopy Growth: 2,239%
  • Aurora Cannabis: 5,443%

Today is your chance to turn back the clock.
Because you can jump into this huge $131.5 billion market that’s being 100% ignored by other investors.
While everyone else focuses on Canada and the U.S., you can be making huge profits in Europe.
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