Dec. 20 Deadline to Claim Your $2,500 Liberty Check

The Christmas-shopping deadline fast approaches. The deadline to collect your $2,500 “liberty check” approaches even faster.liberty check
You can procrastinate on Christmas shopping until the latter half of Dec. 24. You have only until 4  p.m. on Dec. 20 (next Thursday) to procrastinate before you lose your $2,500 liberty check.
Many investors have beaten the deadline. They have secured their $2,500 liberty check. They secured their liberty check by securing their “liberty vouchers.”
How did these fortunate investors secure their liberty vouchers?
As the aphorism goes, knowledge is power. These investors knew that a company declared liberty checks on Monday. The company declared that it would pay a $6.50 liberty check for each liberty voucher owned.
These investors secured income yields of 25% or more.
These high-yield liberty checks are worth collecting because the liberty vouchers are worth securing.
The liberty checks will be paid by an established internet company. The company’s liberty vouchers have been publicly traded since 1995.
The company is a leading provider of industrial products in North America. It markets its products through a system of branded e-commerce websites and relationship marketers. The company will finance the liberty checks with the proceeds, roughly $270 million, from a major reorganization.
By reorganizing, the company completes a strategic restructuring that started three years ago. The company will focus on driving profitable growth within the Industrial Products Group (North American operations).
The sale proceeds not only fortify the balance, they swamp the company with cash. Indeed, the cash account swelled to $302 million after the sale. That works to $8.13 of cash per liberty voucher.
I like the company’s new focus because the focus is on growth.
The Industrial Products Group recorded revenue of $235.8 million in the third quarter. Revenue growth was realized in each month of the quarter. U.S.-generated revenue was up 14.7% year-over-year for the quarter. Canada-generated revenue was up 30%.
What is recorded on the top line should be reflected in profits — more revenue, more profits.
The Industrial Products Group’s gross profit for the quarter increased to $82.2 million from $71.2 million last year. The company expects to maintain double-digit revenue and profit growth into the relevant future.
In short, the liberty checks are affordable. They enhance the value proposition for liberty-voucher owners. They provide immediate high-yield income. They signal an upturn for future fortunes.
The liberty checks also have precedents. The $6.50-per-share liberty checks are the third round paid the year. The company paid liberty checks of $1 per liberty voucher this past June.  It declared liberty checks of $1 per liberty voucher this time last year.
The company will have paid $339 million in liberty checks for the trailing 12 months.
You can claim your share of the latest payout.
The internet company has 37.9 million liberty vouchers outstanding. Anyone can buy its liberty vouchers to claim a liberty check. Investors can claim liberty checks of $2,500 or more with a modest investment.
Many of these same investors will also claim a profit. They’ll generate additional return trading their liberty vouchers.
But you need the knowledge, and that’s forthcoming.
We’re hosting a free, live webinar on Dec. 19 (Wednesday) at 2 p.m. EST (11 a.m. PST). You’ll learn how to claim your high-yield liberty check. You’ll learn how to trade the internet company’s liberty vouchers for additional income.
The strategy is simple, it’s easy. Best of all, it’s proven.
We have already shown investors how to collect 47 separate liberty checks since June 2016.
These liberty checks have generated an average income yield 7X the dividend yield on the S&P 500. One liberty-check issuer issued a check that a generated a 41% income yield on its liberty vouchers. Its income yield was 20X more than the dividend yield of the S&P 500.
It’s all for the immediate taking.
You have the opportunity to collect 12X more in immediate income with the liberty-check payment. You’ll have the opportunity to trade the company’s liberty vouchers for additional return.
Click here to reserve your spot for this free, live event. 
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