Tesla’s Groundbreaking Announcement

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) just made a groundbreaking announcement.

They’re developing a wireless inductive home charger for their EVs – aligning with their vision for fully automated charging in a self-driving future.

This innovation is a key part of Elon Musk’s DoJo Initiative.

Up until this year…

Tesla never showed any interest in wireless charging.

That’s probably because it didn’t solve a major problem.

But things have changed dramatically as Tesla has taken a giant leap forward in self-driving technology.

Most people dismiss Musk’s promises of self-driving.

And for good reason.

He has repeatedly made promises about self-driving that haven’t been met.

But a brand-new AI breakthrough could make it a reality much sooner than people think.

And if Tesla cars can soon drive themselves…

Then it makes perfect sense for them to be able to charge themselves without its owner having to plug it in.

Frankly, this means that Musk’s brand-new DoJo initiative could be on the brink of being rolled out.

After failing repeatedly to bring fully self-driving cars to customers…

Elon Musk and the engineers at Tesla have been developing DoJo since 2019.

It’s specifically designed to create a supercomputer that will transform Tesla’s entire business – and make self-driving cars a reality once and for all.

Tesla’s stock could easily jump 100% in the next year as this goes mainstream.

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