Restaurant Owner’s $16 Sandwich SHOCKER

Meet Brian Will…

A restaurant owner who just went on live TV to explain why inflation has forced his business to charge nearly $16 for a simple sandwich.

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During an appearance in FoxBusiness…

Brian Will broke down his monthly expenses to give a clear picture of why his restaurant is charging so much for a sandwich.

The wholesale cost of the sandwich is only $5…

But the need to cover operational expenses is what forced him to increase the $12.99 price it had three years ago to $15.99 today.

According to him, he spends $20k a month on renting space and $6k on utilities.

Adding that…

“My labor in December [was] $60,000, which means I’ve got $86,000 of base cost the day I open the doors on January 1. You figure in a 32% food cost. I have $11 of gross profit in that sandwich. You take all my costs divided by $11 of gross profit, and I [have] to sell 93,000 sandwiches just to get to zero before I can make any money.”

Will owns a successful restaurant management company called Will Restaurants Investment Group.

However, just like every American today…

He’s living a VERY different economic reality than when Biden became president.

As he explained:

“My revenue per operation has dropped about $350,000 per store while my rent has gone up, labor is up 30%, insurance is up 40%, rent us up 10%.”

Frankly, anyone who does any grocery shopping has no need to ask why restaurants have to charge more for their items.

Add to that being forced to raise the minimum wage…

And you have a double-barreled explanation for price increases.

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