Don’t Miss the Next 19.9% Dividend

Last week, a $2 billion company paid out a huge 19.9% dividend.compass cash
It was the biggest payout in the company’s 124-year history. In fact, it was more than ALL previously paid dividends.
Investors were shocked by the announcement. That’s why they bid the stock up by 9% right after the announcement.
Long-term investors were happy. And a select group of traders knew exactly how to capture quick gains on the stock . . . and pocketed the 19.9% dividend.
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Now, this company isn’t all that interesting.  It makes copper tubes and plastic fittings for water systems, heating and air conditioning.
Boring can be good. Boring can be incredibly profitable. And the BEST companies are committed to returning profits to shareholders.
Unfortunately, you’ll never hear about this if you’re getting your news from CBNC or The Wall Street Journal.
The company is just too small to make national headlines. Even smart folks who happened to see the announcement didn’t have a clue about how to trade the stock.
Of course, there is an exception. My colleague, Steve Mauzy, knew exactly how to trade this stock.
Even better, he predicted this huge special dividend payout back in December.
Steve regularly predicts upcoming big dividends. He’s developed a unique approach to researching these payouts . . . tracking their prospects . . . and making quick trades at the right time.
How did he know? How could he predict a huge 19% dividend?
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Ian Wyatt
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