‘Secret List’ Reveals Upcoming $1,310 Payouts

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If you’re a dividend investor who feels like you’re coming up short on income, you’re not alone.
As I wrote yesterday, dividends have been falling for decades. Whereas the S&P 500 averaged over 6% in yields into the 1960s, today only a few stocks (out of 500!) yield more than 5%.
And yet, American companies are as rich as ever. S&P 500 companies hold over $1.5 trillion in cash. That’s trillion with a T – or 1,500 billions . . .
In the past 10 months, we’ve proved this extra income is out there through our in-house special dividend research. In that time, we’ve helped readers collect 12 dividends yielding an average of 13.1%. For every $10,000 you put into these 12 stocks, you could’ve collected $1,310. It would take you over six years to collect the same amount of income from the average S&P 500 company.
Our smallest one-day dividend during that period? 4.1%. That’s double the entire yield of the average S&P 500 stock – and we did it with a holding period of 34 days.
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How do these special dividends work? Where do they come from?
Many of the companies we’ve recommended started out in our Dividend Watchlist. You see, while most dividend companies announce their payouts far ahead of time, we’ve pinpointed some unlisted dividend companies – that pay annual or semi-annual dividends around the same time each year.
We pored through the press releases and SEC filings of hundreds of companies, looking for these unlisted payouts. We have uncovered more than 17 companies that we think will offer special dividend payouts in the next year.
You’ll never see these dividends listed in Yahoo Finance until after they’re paid. These special dividend payouts are generally not counted as part of the regular yield. But we keep a close eye on these companies and give our readers a heads-up when the typical pay dates are approaching.
In tomorrow’s groundbreaking dividend event, we’re going to reveal some of the stocks on this list. We’ll be talking about two of these companies, any one of which could issue a special dividend alert any day now.
Each company’s payout could be 5%, 10% . . . we’ve even seen dividends of 50% or more.
Most investors will wait patiently for their 2% dividends… collecting tiny quarterly check for $147… $231… or $272.
Join us live tomorrow and find out how you could safely collect $1,310 monthly dividends.
Your missing income is out there, and we’ll show you exactly how to collect it.

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