Donald Trump Forces Apple to Pay 32% Dividend

President-Elect Donald Trump plans to create a huge tax holiday in
His goal is to have U.S. companies bring back as much as $2.6 trillion in overseas cash. And much of that cash could be invested in returning America to “greatness.”
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Trump would prefer that these companies use this cash to build new factories and hire more employees.
But our research shows that they’re more likely to repurchase their own stock or issue huge dividends. This is exactly what America’s cash rich companies have been doing with their record profits and growing cash.
While Trump would like to spark corporate investments in America, he’s more likely to create the biggest dividend windfall in years.

Staggering Apple Dividend

Looking forward to 2017, we’re expecting a record year for one-time dividends. Both the number and size of these payouts could be staggering.
By opening the door on repatriation, Trump could encourage Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) to reward investors with dividend as big as 32% in 2017.
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With $164 billion of cash, Apple is the world’s richest company.
The company is an up-and-coming favorite for dividend investors. Since 2012, the company increased the dividend by 10% per year.
CEO Tim Cook has embraced investors with a growing dividend and huge stock buyback program.
But our research indicates that the company could be on the verge of a huge special payout. That’s because after subtracting its debts, Apple has $164 billion of cash.
On a per share basis, that’s nearly $30 in cash per share.
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If Apple were to pay this out, it could deliver a mind-blowing 32% one-time dividend. Now, I’m not expecting anything of that magnitude.
But it’s very possible that Apple will follow in the footsteps of Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), which issued a $32 billion one-day payout in 2004.
And a one-time Apple dividend payout could dwarf Apple’s annual 2.5% dividend.

Why Does Trump Want a Tax Holiday?

Government debt is rapidly growing. And America’s most powerful corporations are using offshore tax heavens to hide their earnings from Uncle Sam.
Trump plans to simplify the U.S. tax code and make America more competitive and attractive for corporations.
But $2.6 trillion of U.S. corporate cash is currently parked overseas. That means Trump must give companies a reason to bring their cash back into the U.S.
A tax holiday would increase pressure on companies including Apple to bring their cash back into the U.S. If that happens, we’re expecting a flurry of huge dividend payouts.
The last time the U.S. Congress enacted a tax holiday was 2004.
After the law was passed, a total of 843 companies brought back about $312 billion at a reduced tax rate of 5.25%.
That repatriation totaled 45% of their total cash overseas.
Over the last 12 years, America’s biggest companies have considerably grown their profits. Along the way, they’ve been stashing more cash overseas.
That means a 2017 tax holiday could spark more than $1 trillion flowing back into the U.S., if corporations participated at the same 2004 levels.
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