Why the Biggest Dividends Start on Dec. 1

In the last week, there have been at least 10 huge special dividend announcements.
Some of these have been small 50-cent payouts. And others have been as large as $27 per share.
This is just the start. Because the FINAL month of the year is historically the very best period for huge dividends.
These one-day payouts can range in size from 5% to 60%. And they happen very frequently.
In an average month, eight to 14 companies issue these special dividends. Yet in the month of December, this figure multiplies by at least two or three times.
That means potentially 20 to 30 amazing dividend trading situations in coming weeks.
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Special Dividends: Often a Surprise

Unlike regular dividends, the announcement of special dividends is almost always a total surprise to the market. And the market has little patience for surprises – good or bad.
That’s why there is a timely opportunity to pounce on these special dividends: they’re completely misunderstood by most investors.
Right now, investors are trying to make heads and tails of Donald Trump’s plans for leading the country. He’s busy selecting cabinet members and getting into Twitter wars with the cast of the Broadway show “Hamilton.”
Lots of smart investors are rebalancing their portfolios, and adding exposure to areas including energy, financials, biotech and infrastructure.
Little attention has been given to Trump’s plans for a 2017 corporate tax holiday, and how it would impact dividends.

Trump’s Tax Holiday

We believe that Trump WILL be able to push for legislation that encourages U.S. companies to bring overseas cash back into the U.S. By offering a tax holiday, Trump would encourage companies to repatriate their cash.
Meanwhile, the month of December is almost ALWAYS a boom time for huge dividends. And this is especially true in years of a presidential election.
In fact, December 2012 was the single best month for income investors in at least 57 years.
It sounds unbelievable. But we could be on the precipice of another historic period for dividends.
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Good Investing,
Ian Wyatt

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