How M. J. Cohen Collected $2.03 Million in ‘Liberty Checks This Year

It seems impossible.
A small, publicly traded conglomerate – one that generated only $342 million in revenue over the trailing 12 months – paid $41.9 million in “liberty checks” this year.
That distills to a $6 “liberty check” for each “liberty voucher” owned. Own a “liberty voucher,” receive a $6 “liberty check.”
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Or own 339,003 “liberty vouchers” and collect $2.03 million in “liberty checks.”
M. J. Cohen of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, owns 339,003 of the conglomerate’s “liberty vouchers.” She received $2.03 million in “liberty checks” this year.
It’s not the first time M. J. Cohen has realized a million-dollar “liberty check” payday courtesy of this conglomerate. She has realized a slew of them over the years.
M. J. Cohen has been a large holder of the conglomerate’s “liberty vouchers” since the 1980s. Coincidence or not, the conglomerate has paid “liberty checks” to its “liberty voucher” holders since the 1980s.
The amounts have trended higher over the past few years. The conglomerate paid $38.4 million in “liberty checks” last year. It paid $35.2 million in “liberty checks” in 2016.
A $5.50 “liberty check” was paid on each “liberty voucher” in 2017. A $5.05 “liberty check” was paid on each “liberty voucher” in 2016.
How much did M. J, Cohen receive?
In addition to the $2.03 million received this year, she received $1.86 million in “liberty checks” last year. She received $1.71 million the year before. We’re talking big money from a little company.
But we’re not talking velvet rope. M. J. Cohen is no heiress privy to a private transaction available only to a wealthy few. Anyone could have bought the conglomerate’s “liberty vouchers” and collected a share of its “liberty checks.”
For example, Randy L. owns 9,030 of the conglomerate’s “liberty vouchers.” He collected $54,180 in “liberty checks” this year. Richard C. owns 2,800 “liberty vouchers.” His take was $16,800.
Scores of investors collected “liberty checks” worth $600 to $3,000 by investing no more than a modest sum in the conglomerate’s “liberty vouchers.”
Did you collect your share?
I suspect not.
The conglomerate – a small-cap manufacture of appliances and ammunition – is followed by no major Wall Street firm. It operates in the shadows.
But we saw it. We search the shadows for “liberty check” issuers.
When the conglomerate declared its latest round of “liberty checks,” we immediately informed our readers. They were able to claim their share of the “liberty check” bounty.
Readers who acted with alacrity did even better. In addition to collecting a $6 “liberty check” for each “liberty voucher” they bought, they were able to trade their “liberty vouchers” for profit. Many of these liberty voucher investors received an additional $5.25 for each “liberty voucher” they bought and sold.
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