Did You Claim Your Share of the $105 Million ‘Liberty Check’ Bounty?

Gone With the Wind comes to mind. Not the movie, so much, but the opportunity.liberty check payout
The opportunity to collect a recent big “liberty check” was as fleeting as the wind.
A high-growth digital-media company declared that it would pay $105 million in “liberty checks.” It declared the “liberty checks” on Aug. 1.
There was a catch. To claim a share of the $105-million bounty, investors needed to buy the company’s “liberty vouchers” before the close of trading on Aug. 13.
Own a “liberty voucher,” claim a “liberty check.” In fact, claim more than a “liberty check.” Claim many “liberty checks.”
Own 10 “liberty vouchers,” claim $30 in “liberty checks.” Own 1,000 “liberty vouchers,” claim $3,000 in “liberty checks.”
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The opportunity was open to all investors. I’ll aver that few investors exploited the opportunity, though.
First, there was a time constraint. Investors had less than two weeks to act.
Second, investors needed to know what to act on. Most investors had no clue that $105 million in “liberty checks” was on offer. The company’s “liberty check” declaration was at best a footnote on most financial websites.
What’s more, investors who exploited the opportunity exploited it with varying degrees of success.
Quick-acting investors paid the best price for their “liberty vouchers.”
Procrastinating investors still received a hefty “liberty check,” but they paid more for their “liberty voucher.” If they dragged their feet too long, they paid significantly more. The “liberty voucher” price rose 10.5% within 48 hours of the “liberty checks” being declared.
Quick-acting investors were also able to trade their “liberty vouchers” for meaningful gain. These investors were able to collect an addition $4.25 gain for each “liberty voucher” they owned.
Instead of receiving $3 for each “liberty voucher” owned, quick-acting investors received $7.25 per “liberty voucher.” These expeditious investors more-than-doubled their income in the liberty check payout.
What’s more, they more-than doubled their income and locked in a double-digit return on investment (15%) in only 23 days. The opportunity literally was gone with the wind.
If you missed the opportunity, if the wind passed you by, no need to fret. More high-yield “liberty checks” and “liberty voucher” trade opportunities are on the way. Changes in tax laws enacted by Congress this past December assure it.
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