The Fed Just Did You a Favor

On Friday, Jerome Powell, said…

That the Federal Reserve is “prepared to raise rates further” to tamp down inflation.

This is good news for income investors because higher interest rates are creating a PERFECT environment for you to maximize your income today.

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This past Friday…

Jerome Powell, Federal Reserve chairman, spoke at the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Powell said that:

“At last year’s Jackson Hole symposium, I delivered a brief, direct message. My remarks this year will be a bit longer, but the message is the same: It is the Fed’s job to bring inflation down to our 2 percent goal, and we will do so.”

Powell added that…

“Although inflation has moved down from its peak — a welcome development — it remains too high.”

It appears that “transitory inflation” is proving to be more than transitory.

And to tamp down inflation further…

Powell foresees two possible interest-rate scenarios – interest rates hold the current rates, or they go higher.

Either way, the opportunity exists for you to earn mammoth-sized portions of extra income.

How can it be?

Higher interest rates translate to more income from income investments.

Shadow Funds are one of the income investments.

Wealthy investors like Warren Buffett, Bill Ackman, and Carl Icahn have invested in Shadow Funds during their illustrious careers.  

But you need not be a wealthy investor: Anyone can invest in Shadow Funds.

And if you are an income investor, you will want to invest in Shadow Funds.

They are income-generating machines… many yield 10%, and some yield 15% and more.  

Most pay MONTHLY income.

Capital gains are another draw.

Shadow Funds are generating total returns of 48%… 68%… 81%… even 98%.

A $10k investment in a Shadow Fund could return $4,800… $6,800… $8,100… or even $9,800.

Think of the financial freedom: Pay the bills, travel, fund an education, or reinvest to build a legacy, the choice is yours. 

Shadow Funds are only the start.  

My income blueprint will show you how to earn an extra $1,120 every 20 days on average with a $10k investment.

It will also show you how to …

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Yours in Wealth,

Steve Mauzy

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