This is GREAT NEWS for Income Investors

New York Fed President John Williams says…

That interest rates will likely stay high for some time until inflation is tamed.

And that’d be great news for income investors because higher rates are creating a fantastic opportunity to earn huge income.

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Williams is a close ally of Fed Chair Jerome Powell.

So his words carry a lot of weight.

And at a speech he made last Tuesday…

He said he expects inflation to slow to 2.25% by year’s end – and reach 2% by 2025.

Most predictions say the Fed will begin cutting rates as soon as March.

But Williams thinks they will likely stay high for some time.

This would be fantastic news for income investors because higher rates mean higher income from every investment.

Meaning, you can buy high-yield income investments at a cheap valuation – creating an almost perfect set up for huge profits in the coming months for you.

This gives you the power to make money in two ways:

  1. Earn high yields on your cash investment today, and…
  2. Capitalize with long-term capital gains as asset prices rise

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Ian Wyatt

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