Stock Market News: FIFA World Cup

fifa-world-cupAs the World Cup got underway, we turned our investment attentions abroad.
Steve Mauzy, fresh off a trip to Germany and Italy, wrote about what he saw first-hand in two of Europe’s largest economies. According to Steve, investment opportunities abound in both eurozone stalwart Germany and debt-ridden but slowly recovering Italy.
Tyler Laundon wrote about the European Central Bank’s recent decision to cut interest rates, and the impact that could have on U.S. equities. Tyler equated the move to another round of quantitative easing, and said it has the “potential to keep the bull market in stocks intact” for the foreseeable future.
Lastly, I wrote about four ways to profit specifically from the FIFA World Cup itself. The most-watched event featuring the world’s most popular sport (that’s soccer, by the way) is always a cash cow. And it benefits certain multinational companies more than others.
Of course, we didn’t completely shun domestic investment opportunities. How could we when U.S. stocks continue to hover near all-time highs?
But in the spirit of the FIFA World Cup, we spanned the globe searching for unique investments both at home and abroad. Like soccer, investing is, after all, a global game …
Here are some highlights from our worldwide coverage this week at Wyatt Investment Research.
Three Reasons Why a Stock Market Correction Could Be Imminent – It seems as though nothing can stop the market from reaching historic heights on a daily basis. But before we start throwing all our cash at the market, I think you should be aware of three underlying factors that are going on in the background that no one seems to be talking about.
The German Miracle Continues: Time to Buy Into It– In the past decade, I’ve visited Germany on many occasions (my wife is German).  This time around it felt a little different. It felt more vibrant.
The Next Round of Quantitative Easing is Upon Us– The European Central Bank’s (ECB) decision to cut interest rates has the potential to keep the bull market in stocks intact…at least for the time being.
This is the Car of the Future– The car of the future will boast back-up cameras, accident prevention, emergency response and finding a restaurant to meet your tastes while on the road.
This Healthcare REIT Just Gave My Readers 130% Profits– In my High Yield Wealth investment advisory, I’ve been recommending several REITs that are in the business of renting commercial space. One of our best performing REITs specializes in health care facilities. That company is Omega Health Investors (NYSE: OHI).
Buongiorno: 3 Italian Stocks to Buy TodayThe U.S. press portrays Italy as debt-addled basket-case that’s hopeless at generating economic growth. From a U.S. investor perspective, I see value in multinational Italian stocks.
How to Start Investing Successfully (85% of the Time)Probabilities have become a tool of fundamental importance to nearly all scientists, engineers, medical practitioners and industrialists. Unfortunately, when it comes to the market, many investors don’t use common sense and ignore the probable.
Four World Cup Stocks to Buy Before Thursday– No sporting event attracts as much attention across the globe as the World Cup. And when the world is watching, somebody is profiting. Here are four companies that stand to benefit most from the next month in Brazil.
VIDEO: The Power of the Apple Stock Split – Wall Street is quick to dismiss the power of the stock split. But as this week’s 7-for-1 Apple stock split revealed, a significantly reduced share price can make a company more appealing to the average investor.
VIDEO: Trading Options in an Overbought Market– With stocks rising to unprecedented levels, some investors are wary of a collapse. But options traders have nothing to fear. In fact, trading options when the market is this overbought is the ideal time to do it.
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