1 Week to Claim Your Share of $230 Million in ‘Liberty Checks’

The insiders have already secured their share.
Janelle F. will receive a ‘liberty check’ worth $221,723. Andrew F. is assured of a $77,818 liberty check. Vincent G. expects to see his account credited with a $62,975 liberty check.
These insiders own the ‘liberty vouchers’ of a specialty workers’ compensation insurance company. The company announced in late October that it would pay a $3.72 liberty check for every liberty voucher owned.
Own a liberty voucher, collect a liberty check.
The liberty vouchers are worth owning, and not only for the impending liberty checks.
The insurance company paying the liberty checks is a solid, consistent performer. It has been providing specialty workers’ compensation insurance for more than 30 years. Operating in 27 states, it serves small and mid-sized employers in high-hazard industries.
The company excels at its trade: Premium revenue and earnings growth are constants. Premium revenue has grown to $348 million over the trailing 12 months from $219 million in 2010 — a 59% increase. Net income has grown to $50.4 million from $34.5 million — a 46% increase.
Few insurers are as fiscally sound. The business carries no long-term debt. The business generates consistent earnings. It continually operates with a double-digit net margin.
Most important for liberty-voucher owners, the business generates a lot of cash.
Operating cash flow continually exceeds $100 million annually. (It was $127 million over the trailing 12 months.). Free cash flow also continually exceeds $100 million annually. (It was $125 million over the trailing 12 months.)
The insurer began rewarding investors with regular dividends in 2013. The dividend has been increased annually since.
The liberty check is a new phenomenon. It’s also an enriching one.
The annual dividend yields only 1.4%, and that’s for the entire year. The liberty check will yield 6%, and that’s in one fell swoop.
Insiders will claim a tidy share of the liberty-check payments, but there is plenty left to go around. More than $230 million will be paid to liberty-voucher owners.
You can claim a share.
This insurer has 19.3 million liberty vouchers outstanding. Anyone can buy its liberty vouchers to claim a liberty check. Investors are sure to claim liberty checks of $600 or more with a modest investment.
Many of these same investors will also claim a profit. They’ll generate additional return trading this insurer’s liberty vouchers.
But as is the case with so much of life, a deadline looms large. You have less than a week to claim your high-yield liberty check by purchasing this insurer’s liberty vouchers.
And that’s easy enough to do.
Instructions will be forthcoming at a free, live webinar we will host on Dec. 6 (tomorrow) at 2 p.m. EST (11 a.m. PST). You’ll be instructed on how to claim your high-yield liberty check.
The strategy is simple, it’s easy. Best of all, it’s proven.
We have already instructed investors on how to collect 46 separate liberty checks since June 2016.
These liberty checks have generated an average income yield 7X the dividend yield on the S&P 500. One liberty-check issuer issued a check that a generated a 41% income yield on its liberty vouchers. Its income yield was 20X more than the dividend yield of the S&P 500.
And it’s all for the immediate taking.
You have the opportunity to collect 7X more income with liberty checks and to trade liberty vouchers for additional return.
Click here to reserve your spot for this free event tomorrow. 
Don’t delay. Space is limited. The opportunity to collect your first high-yield liberty check expires within days.

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