Collect 1-Day Payouts (Even on Vacation)

Good morning from the coast of Maine! Kids are out of school, and we’re off on summer vacation.dividend-strategy
Honestly, I love vacation. And it’s even better when I’m collecting these HUGE PAYOUTS.
Vacation is expensive! I don’t know about you, but I relax a lot more when the cash is rolling in – even when I’m NOT at the office.
Last summer, we rented a cottage on Lake Champlain. Within days, I was collecting a steady stream of one-day dividends:

  • 2% dividend (that’s 4x the average company)
  • 6% payout happens 11 days later
  • 3% dividend after another six days

That’s right. I was on vacation at the lake  ̶  fishing with my kids  ̶  when these payouts came rolling in.
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This summer is lining up to be a blockbuster time for these one-day payouts.
This strategy is dishing out huge payouts  ̶  every 17 days.
Let me show you exactly how this works. Once you understand, you’ll never be satisfied with a 3% to 5% dividend.
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Off to find the best lobster shack in town! Have a great weekend,
Ian Wyatt

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