Dow Dividend Stocks: The Secret to 51.3% Profits

This afternoon, I sat down for a cup of coffee with Andy to chat about his #1 income trading strategy for 2018.dow dividend stocks
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IAN: So, I’ve got a simple question. What’s the BEST way to earn more income in 2018?
ANDY: Right now, there are several income trading strategies that are performing well.
I call this “income trading” because it’s similar to buying dividend stocks or income ETFs. But it requires a simple extra step in the process. And by adding that simple step, folks can easily multiply their returns on the income portion of their portfolios.
IAN: How’s this working this year?
ANDY: My favorite strategy uses income trading with the Dogs of the Dow stocks.
It’s up 51.3% this year.
Now, if you’d just bought the Dogs of the Dow stocks, you’d be up 15.9% in 2017. So that means it’s beating the benchmark by about 3.5 times.
I think this demonstrates that income trading can beat the market – even with some of the biggest blue-chip stocks.
IAN: How much more can someone earn – by adding this simple step?
ANDY: You’d be shocked to learn that is can multiply someone’s income by three times to five times.
That’s the difference between earning $5,000 in income versus $15,000 to-  $25,000. That’s real money that can have a dramatic impact.
IAN: What exactly is this “income trading”?
ANDY: It involves using low-risk, low-beta stocks with highly liquid options. People who are familiar with my work know my #1 rule is NEVER BUY OPTIONS.
So, these trades all involve selling options contracts with one goal in mind: to earn more income every single month.
And contrary to popular perception, these strategies actually reduce the risk to a portfolio.
IAN: More income, with less risk. Sounds like a no-brainer. Why isn’t everyone doing this with Dow dividend stocks?
ANDY: Most people out there are simply unaware, too busy or just don’t want to take the time. They’ve become comfortable BUYING stocks and ETFs, holding those in their account, and collecting their quarterly dividend checks.
Ian, let’s say you’ve got $50,000 in an investment account. You’re earning an average yield of 4% from your investments. That means the annual income is around $2,000 – or about $500 every quarter. It’s easy money and requires almost zero effort.
If that’s enough income – and you’re happy with the results – keep it up.

Active Trading, Dow Dividend Stocks

IAN: What’s the alternative look like?
ANDY: The alternative is active income trading.
Instead of just BUYING stocks and ETFs, you use some simple trades. You get paid more income up-front, before buying a single share of stock. And for every investment in your account, you can easily collect three times to five times more income.
Every 45 days or so, you’ll go into your account and execute a simple trade. It’ll take you five or ten minutes.
In exchange for that, you can probably turn that $2,000 annual income into $6,000 to $10,000.
IAN: Is it worth the effort?

ANDY: Yes, and that’s not just my opinion. The approach has proven ̶  through extensive research from numerous academic sources ̶  to work over the long-term. I don’t use strategies based on hunches, I only use proven long-term strategies, and this is one that has a proven record over several decades.
Everyone can do this with Dow dividend stocks. It isn’t magic. It isn’t about being lucky or selecting the right stocks . . . the best sectors . . . or speculating on the direction of the market.
It’s as simple as making a trade on your favorite Dow dividend stocks and ETFs.
IAN: OK – I’m sold!
ANDY: Earlier, I mentioned my income trades on the Dogs of the Dow.
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