Covid-19: CDC Says ‘Wear a Mask’

It’s going to be a big reversal in Covid-19 advice:

“Please wear a mask in public.”

That’s what we’re expected to hear from the White House and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the coming days.

New guidance follows President Trump’s comments that Americans should consider wearing a scarf or other face covering. Trump also says that CDC is “coming out with regulations.”

In the past, the CDC and World Health Organization have advised people to NOT wear masks. That’s likely because there is already a shortage of N95 respirator masks that doctors and nurses wear. And they don’t want people rushing to buy up the limited supply.

However, in the last week things have changed.

It’s now clear that 25% of people infected with the Covid-19 virus may not show symptoms.

Yet these people are infected. And they can transmit the virus, according to Dr. Robert Redfield of the CDC. Additionally, those who get sick can be transmitting for 48 hours before symptoms appear.

The only way to truly STOP the outbreak is with a vaccine. That’s why the Department of Health and Human Services is spend $450 million to create this Covid-19 vaccine.

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The Big News…

“Every American Should Stay Home” Says Dr. Fauci

The NIH infectious disease czar says that all Americans should stay home. Dr. Anthony Fauci says that it’s a mistake that some states have not issued “stay at home” guidelines. Even without a federally enforced mandate, he says every American should be staying home.

Over 1 Million Cases

Johns Hopkins University reports that the number of cases worldwide now tops 1 million. Meanwhile, the death toll has surged beyond 54,000.

USNS Comfort Has Only 20 Patients

The U.S. Navy sent a hospital ship to New York City to help. Yet the ship is restricted from serving Covid patients. And the 1,000-bed hospital is only serving 20 patients.

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March Unemployment Jumps to 4.4%

The March unemployment numbers are in. The March report shows 701,000 job losses as of March 14. That took the unemployment rate from 3.5% to 4.4%. The reading doesn’t necessarily reflect the 10 million job losses in the last two weeks of the month.

Oxford Economics: 12% Unemployment and 40% Drop in GDP

Research firm Oxford Economics released its projections for the economic downturn. The firm expects unemployment will soar to 12% and GDP will shrink by 40% in the second quarter. During the Great Recession unemployment was at 10%.

Bill Gates: #1 Covid-19 Stock

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The Coronavirus Numbers

Here are the numbers from Friday at 9:45 a.m. ET:

  • 1,039,922 Infected worldwide
  • 55,170 Deaths
  • 245,422 Infected in the U.S.
  • 6,098 Deaths in the U.S.

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What’s Next

Stocks are opening lower on Friday morning.

Economic data continues to show the huge negative impact of the outbreak.

There’s no historic base case for modeling a complete shutdown of the U.S. economy. And economists are having trouble projecting the full impact of this crisis.

Meanwhile, earnings season kicks off in mid-April. And the earnings reports from corporate America will likely be very bad. The outlook going into the second quarter will be much worse.

The market has rebounded from its lows on March 23. And you can see that in this chart.


That rebound has given some investors hope. And they think that the market has now bottomed – and is on the rebound.

I’m doubtful that the market has made its low. At the very least, I’d expect the S&P 500 will re-test those lows in the coming weeks.

Shocking earnings season results may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

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