How I’m Doubling my Dividends, Thanks to Andy Crowder

Options Analyst, Andy Crowder

Three years ago, a man walked into my office in Vermont. He’d been persistent about getting together and claimed to have several unique income investing strategies.
His strategies were well beyond typical “stock picking.” The strategy that interested me most was one that he claimed could “double your dividends.” And he said it was a “risk-free way to earn extra income from blue chip stocks that you already own.”
That man was Andy Crowder. You see, Andy taught me so much in my first meeting that I simply offered him a job (something I never do). And for the last few years, he’s taught me more about investing than anyone else at my office.
The timing of my meeting with Andy was crucial. Earlier that year I had launched High Yield Wealth – my company’s most successful product in our 10-year history. This dividend investing service aims to help generate healthy income in a low yield world. I knew that Andy’s income strategies would compliment my work with dividend stocks.
Andy’s a great teacher. But more importantly, his strategies also deliver results. His most powerful and lowest risk investment strategy uses covered calls.  This is an extremely simple transaction that can deliver 2x or even 3x the investment income from blue-chip stocks like Altria, Intel, McDonalds, and Pfizer.
This powerful strategy makes it possible to earn 8 – 10% annual income from some of the best American businesses. All that is required is that you own 100 shares of stock, and can follow a few simple steps several times a year.
It might sound too good to be true. But I assure you it is legitimate…
For example, our readers have been collecting “extra dividends” from Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) ever since April. Using Andy’s strategy, they could have collected $125 on April 25, $180 on June 26, and $130 on July 24. That’s based on owning 500 shares of Intel, and in addition to the $112.50 regular dividend check that was paid on June 1.
If you’re like most people I speak with, you’re probably intrigued by the idea of earning extra income from blue chip stocks. But you may be a bit confused about exactly how this works. And that’s why I’m writing today.
Andy loves to share his ideas with other people – that’s why I invited him to join Wyatt Investment Research. The feedback he’s received thus far has been extremely positive. This is what a few readers said recently:

I found your teaching is very honest and helpful; your strategies are simple to follow. — Daniel Tan, Washington D.C.

I just want to say again thank you already for everything you have shared and keep doing what you are doing. You are a true light in a world of investing usually shrouded in darkness. — Matthew Hendricks, Tulsa, OK

I had bought INTC on your advice back on 4/29. Made $360 [in extra dividends]. — Erin Cole, New Haven, CT

On Thursday, August 22 at 2pm Eastern Time I’m hosting a FREE investing seminar. During this live event, Andy will share the secrets to doubling your dividends. Plus we’ll have lots of time for a LIVE question & answer session.
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I hope you’ll accept this invitation.  I know that you too can benefit from this simple and low risk income strategy. Reserve your seat today to assure that Andy is able to share all the details with you.
I look forward to speaking with you on Thursday.

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