Quiet IPOs Pay out 28% to 86% in July

Wall Street traders may be escaping NYC and heading to the Hamptons . . .
Yet IPO investors are quietly cashing in on the summer’s hottest deals in July:

  •       28% from Sienna Biopharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: SNNA)
  •       40% from PetIQ (NASDAQ: PETQ)
  •       86% from Akcea Therapeutics (NASDAQ: AKCA)

The next big IPOs are secretly filing to GO PUBIC in August and September.
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What are the next big IPOs?  Three on my “watch list” include Spotify . . . Palantir . . . and Uber.
Now, you really have two choices:

Choice #1: WAIT for these companies to GO PUBLIC, and then buy shares (after they’ve had a big IPO bump)

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