Wyatt Research Week-in-Review

The good times keep rolling on Wall Street.
Stocks finished the week at a new all-time high yet again. More IPOs have gone public on U.S. exchanges in the first three months of the year than at any point in the last decade. Seemingly everywhere you look investors are snatching up go-go growth stocks left and right.
But we at Wyatt Investment Research love to be contrarians. And this week, we went a bit against the grain of the current growth-stock climate. Dividend stocks and income opportunities were most on our minds.
Steve Mauzy told us where to find two high-yield energy investments. Tyler Laundon wrote about “The Best Dividend Growth ETF for Your Money.” Options analyst Andy Crowder told readers how he made 15% in nine months by trading Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC). Ian Wyatt identified a hotel REIT that just raised its dividend by 44%.
But dividends and income weren’t our only focus this week. Three Chinese IPOs coming to America and three companies feeling positive effects from the polar vortex are other investment topics we explored.
Here’s what else was on our mind during yet another record-breaking week for the market:
How to Make 8.7% Every 3 Months with this Agriculture ETF – While the market has been stumbling along the past few months a few sectors have experienced considerable gains. The most notable is agriculture, as seen through the PowerShares Agriculture ETF (NYSE:DBA).
Fuel Your Income with Two High-Yield Energy Investments – Hot or cold? When I’m a buyer, I’ll take cold every time.  I’m naturally drawn to the market where investors are selling in droves. Bargains are rarely found in the hot market, where buyer enthusiasm runs rampant.
And two energy sectors are enticingly cold right now…
The Best Dividend Growth ETF for Your Money – I’m always intrigued by new small-cap ETF offerings. And when a small-cap ETF is focused on dividend growers – companies that regularly reward shareholders by increasing their dividends – I’m even more compelled to dig deeper.
Would You Like to Retire on 127% Dividends? – Because I’ve just uncovered three companies that are poised for triple-digit dividend growth. I know that it might be hard to believe but this is actually one of the safest forms of investing out there. As proof, we’ll show you stocks that have already soared to bring investors dividends of up to 127%. Click here for all the details on these three companies.
Polar Vortex a Boon for These Three Stocks – One of the coldest winters in recent memory has been bad for business in many circles. But a few companies have actually benefited from the bad weather.
How to Make 15% Income Annually on WFC Stock – We’ve actually managed to make 15.7% in Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC) in just nine months using our unique approach to covered calls. Here’s how.
Three Deep-Value Gold Miners to Buy Now – Gold has lost significant value over the past 18 months, and so have the gold miners. But I think gold and the gold miners have considerable upside potential right now.
Top Hotel REIT Just Raised its Dividend 44% – The owner of some of America’s most ritzy hotels did something unusual last Friday. It announced a huge 44% increase in its dividend.
Q4 Earnings Season By the Numbers – Entering the new year, there were rumblings on Wall Street that the holiday shopping season wasn’t as fruitful as expected. Investors held their collective breath as fourth-quarter earnings results were released. Turns out they had little reason to worry.
Three Major Chinese IPOs Coming to America – News broke early this week that Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba plans an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange. Despite being the talk of Wall Street this week, Alibaba is just one of three major Chinese IPOs that is coming to America during 2014.
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