Revealed: How to Triple Your Dividend Income

triple-dividend-incomeWednesday afternoon, I hosted an exclusive investing seminar. The free event “sold out,” with 1,000 of our customers attending. I know many Income & Prosperity readers were in attendance. But with limited seating, not everyone who wanted to join us was able to.
Andy Crowder, our advanced income expert, joined me in this event. Inside the one-hour presentation, Andy shared two surprisingly simple strategies for earning extra income from blue chip dividend income stocks.
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Wall Street professionals and hedge fund managers are already using these strategies. But Andy and I think that every income investor – including you – should use them.
That’s why we held this event, and revealed four amazing trades. Specifically, Andy taught participants how to generate substantial income from the following stocks:

  • Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL): 13.6% annual yield
  • General Electric (NYSE: GE): 15.3% annual yield
  • Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT): 12.7% annual yield
  • Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC): 12.2% annual yield

Andy is able to help average investors earn at least three times more investment income by using two simple options strategies. The first strategy is covered calls. And the second is known as selling puts.
Our live event featured a Q-and-A session. It’s always one of the most popular aspects of these training sessions.
The good news is that we got tons of questions. The bad news is that we could only answer a few questions. And so I want to use this issue of Income & Prosperity to answer some important questions regarding this strategy.
Bob’s question: Can you do covered calls in a 401(k) or IRA?
Ian: Most 401(k) retirement plans don’t allow options trading. However, IRAs do allow the use of covered calls.
In fact, covered calls are the only options strategy available to use in retirement accounts. I think that alone speaks volumes as to how inherently conservative covered calls are as an investment strategy.
I tell investors all the time that there is no better way to consistently bring in income on a residual basis. Moreover, the strategy actually decreases volatility within a portfolio. It’s a win-win for all investors, especially those who seek reliable, consistent income.
Ellen’s question: If you do options, can you get dividends? Dividends only come with equity, right?
Ian: A covered call strategy requires that you own a stock before writing a covered call contract. As long as you own the stock, you’ll continue to receive your regular quarterly dividend payments.
Phillip’s question: What if your stock/options is not traded much. How do you get liquidity?
Ian: This is the precise reason that we focus on liquid stocks and ETFs. In particular, blue chip stocks including Altria (NYSE: MO), General Electric  and Microsoft trade millions of shares every day. As a result, their options markets are very liquid as well.
Anonymous question: I would love to earn an 8%-10% yield from my blue chip stocks. Is this really possible?
Ian: That’s exactly why Andy Crowder and I started High Yield Trader as a way to help our readers earn more income. At minimum, our goal is to triple the dividend in every shareholder-friendly, blue chip company we add to the portfolio.
Since the service started two years ago, we’ve been able to triple and even quintuple the dividends on many of the holdings within the portfolio. So yes, it is possible. And most importantly, it’s possible without taking huge risks.
Of course, there is much more for you to discover about our Instant Income investment strategies. Using these strategies, you really can earn 3x, 5x and even 10x more income from your portfolio of blue chip stocks.
In fact, Andy and I have proven this over the last two years. During that time, we’ve recommended a total of 223 trades. And of those, we’ve collected extra income on 222 of those investments. That’s a 99.6% success ratio.
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