Stock Market News: A Down Week for U.S. Stocks

down-week-for-us-stocksIt was a rare down week for U.S. stocks.
The S&P 500 declined half a percent, actually failing to establish yet another record high for the first time in weeks. The reasons behind the decline were understandable. The Commerce Department revised first-quarter U.S. GDP growth to a paltry -2.9%, the first decline in three years and the most severe backtracking since the recession.
In light of such seemingly troubling news, a half-percent pullback from all-time highs isn’t much of a reaction from investors. In fact, such a modest pullback is further evidence of how powerful this rally is.
“Buy signals” are still everywhere. This week, our own Steve Mauzy identified one retailer and dividend grower that looks like a screaming buy. Or, as our resident options analyst Andy Crowder wrote, “There’s always a bull market somewhere.”
Even in a somewhat down week, opportunities abound in this bull market. As always, we tried to identify some of the best opportunities out there.
Here is a sampling of what was on our analysts’ minds this week at Wyatt Investment Research:
Why MLPs Can Be Good for Growth Investors – There is little doubt that the U.S. energy boom has created great opportunities for both growth and income investors. One group – Master Limited Partnerships (MLP) – has been particularly lucrative for investors.
Is the Fed Crying Wolf on Interest Rates Yet Again?– Wall Street reacted positively last week to news that the Federal Reserve plans to finally raise interest rates from near zero by sometime next year. But we’ve heard these kinds of empty promises before from the Fed.
This Big-Box Retailer Just Issued an “Irresistible” Buy Signal – Investors would be wise to heed Target Corp.’s (NYSE: TGT) quarterly dividend, which was not only increased, it was increased by an eyebrow-raising amount.
The One Company You’ve Never Heard of — But Smartphones Couldn’t Exist Without -Four months from now Apple will be releasing the most technologically advanced phone on the planetWhile we love Apple (it’s in our $100k Portfolio) we’re recommending a much less-known company today. It’s a company that provides the technology without which smartphones couldn’t exist.  It’s the company reaping massive profits each time a new Apple (or Samsung) smartphone is activated. Click here for the full story.
Should Investors Lose Sleep Over the Shocking GDP News? – U.S. GDP growth declined by a massive 2.9% in the first quarter. Here’s why investors aren’t panicking.
For Income Investors, Patience Is A Virtue – To build meaningful wealth, income investors must stand back and allow time to work to their advantage.
There’s Always a Bull Market Somewhere – Slightly over five years ago we were faced with a financial crisis that crippled not only the U.S. market, but the world market as well. But the fourth-longest bull market in history is starting to show signs of exhaustion and we need to pay attention.
Is MLP M&A Creating Value? – There have been a lot of MLP mergers and acquisitions of late. What I want to answer is the simple question. Is value being created when these guys play MLP shuffleboard?
How to Reliably Make 35 a Month in Safe, Steady Income – I want you to just consider a simple way you can protect your portfolio with a form of insurance – and even better – get paid along the way. If a safe, steady income is your goal, you should strongly consider using this special form of insurance.
VIDEO: Why QE3 No Longer Matters – The Fed is finally winding down QE3, reducing its monthly bond purchases from $85 billion to $35 billion in the last six months. But investors don’t seem to fear the “taper” the way they did last summer. In fact, if last week’s Fed announcement was any evidence, investors seem totally indifferent to tapering and QE3.
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