Discover China’s Deadly Trade War Weapon

China could be preparing to strike back against President Trump’s latest tariffs . . .
By using one deadly weapon in the global trade wars.
Trump won’t simply “accept” China’s provocation. In fact, I predict that he’ll respond with a groundbreaking decision before July 14.
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You see, China supplies the U.S. with over 80% of its rare earth metals.
Now, you’ve probably never heard much about specific rare earth metals.
But these little-known elements are crucial for making Apple iPhones, batteries that power Tesla’s electric cars, and countless other electronics devices.
This chart shows how China’s has become the world leader – and a near-monopoly with rare earth metals.
global trade wars
While rare earth metals are important . . .
This single element is crucial for the national security of the United States. And it could spark . . .
A Huge Expansion of the Global Trade Wars on July 14
President Trump’s campaign promise was simply . . .
“Make America Great Again.”
Part of that vision includes securing America’s boarders, creating incentives for American companies to create jobs in our country, and to hold our trading partners accountable.
Unfortunately, the United States is currently importing 97% of one critical element. And that puts America at great risk.
That’s why I’m expecting Trump to act on July 14. His important decision could spark the biggest commodity super-cycle in history.
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Back when George W. Bush was president, the U.S. imported 50% of its oil. And much of those imports were coming from unstable countries.
At the time, the Bush administration considered this a national security matter.
Today, we have a similar issue with another crucial element. This isn’t oil or rare earth metals.
Instead, it powers 25% of American homes. And is crucial for operating American aircraft carriers and submarines.
The Department of Commerce recently made its recommendation.
My expectation is that the recommendation is either to TAX imports or have a quota system that requires domestic production.
Around the world, global trade tensions are increasing. And Trump doesn’t want to be backed into a corner by our trading partners.
As a result, I expect him to sign this executive order before July 14.
Prices will surge when that happens.
And that’s why it’s crucial to get ready for this new commodity super-cycle – before the news gets out.
The last time this happened – we saw quick profits of 1,233% . . . 4,130% . . . and even 13,976%.
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Ian Wyatt
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