Biden is Doing WHAT?!

President Joe Biden announced…

his administration is cracking down on concert ticket junk fees.

People struggle to cover the basic costs of living, so let’s target concert ticket fees.


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This past Sunday…

Biden doubled down on combating “junk fees” with this tweet:

As you might expect, Biden received a torrent of replies mocking his administration’s priorities.

“Wow, focusing on the real issues,” one Twitter user replied.

“Thank you. These are the issues Americans really care about” – another sarcastically noted.

“People can’t afford groceries. How are they going to afford concert tickets?” another reasoned.

And it’s true.

Many families struggle to make ends meet.

Inflation is waging war on the American consumer. More of them find it difficult to cover the rising costs of the necessities – housing, gas, food, and health care.

Biden’s response?

Reduce concert ticket fees and ensure oil and gas prices remain higher for longer by canceling drilling leases in the Alaskan Arctic.

Brilliance squared. 

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Good Fortunes,

Steve Mauzy

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