How to Profit from BP’s Next Oil Field

Ever since the Gulf of
oil spill, BP has been very quiet
about where it is drilling for oil. But the announcement that BP is
raising cash by selling its stake Pan American Energy for $7 billion
means that the damaged company is ready to start developing new oil

This time, however, BP will not be drilling in
deepwater. Instead, BP plans to produce 60,000 barrels a day from its
partnership in a land-based Canadian oil field.

New technology has led to a renaissance of North
American oil production. One such oil rich area stretches from

Wyoming, through
North Dakota and
Known as the
Williston Basin, this geological formation
includes the Bakken Oil Pool, which has at least 5 billion barrels of

Chief Investment Strategist for Energy World Profits
advisory service
Ian Wyatt
is recommending the oil producers who are drilling
North Dakota

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