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Honestly, regular dividends suck.

The S&P 500 dividend yield has plunged 62% in the past 31 years. To earn $20k in income from the S&P ETF – you’d have to invest $1.5 MILLION!

But what if you could earn $1,191 every 20 days – investing far less?

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The appeal of dividends is obvious.

You invest in stocks – and you get a consistent income as a shareholder.

It was a solid strategy up until the early 90s. But it’s been getting worse ever since then…

The S&P500 annual dividend yield never fell below 3% between 1871 and 1960. In fact, annual dividends reached above 5% during 45 separate years over that period.

Since the early 90s, we’ve been in below-3% territory ever since. And we’ve been in a downtrend that has only gotten worse in the past 5 years.

Take a look:

Dividends have plunged 35% in 5 years
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Today the S&P500 is yielding just 1.37%.

So, if you invest $100,000 in it, you’re going to get $1,370. To earn around $20k a year, you’d have to invest $1.5 MILLION.

Let’s face it…

Regular dividends suck.

That’s why I’m urging folks to turn to these Supercharged Payouts.

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Regular dividends will likely continue plunging

Here’s why…

The collapse of dividend yields since the 90s happened because of two main reasons.

First, the rise of internet-based companies in the U.S.

Tech stocks have been major growth players and have typically produced little to no dividends. Average dividends have declined as the size of the tech sector has grown.

And second, Alan Greenspan and his policies.

In the market downturns of 1987, 1991 and 2000…

The former chair of the Fed responded with sharp drops in interest rates.

This drove down the equity risk premium on stocks and flooded the markets with cheap money.

That sent the stock market soaring. And share prices of blue chip stocks started to climb much faster than dividends.

These same policies are alive and well today. So, it wouldn’t surprise me if dividends continued to plunge.

That’s why folks are getting excited about these Supercharged Payouts.

Because they give you chance to have all the benefits of dividends… without the meagre yield.

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