April IPOs Continue to Pile Up

The April rush to the IPO window continues. Four more companies have gone public so far this week.

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ChartWatch: Chipotle Losing Its Spice

Chipotle (NYSE: CMG) has had a wild 12 months. The shares dropped from highs near $420 to lows near $240. Moreover, that decline occurred in only five months.

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A Conservative Strategy to Consistently Beat the Dow

It’s all about the strategy. Unfortunately, most self-directed investors invest in the latest and greatest stock, based on someone else’s opinion. CNBC exists because of this fact. And because… Read more

A Conversation about Commodity DRIPs

Assuming you already own “enough” gold, you might be interested in another way to safely put money to work in the commodity sector.

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Dow’s Sickening 283-point Plunge Wednesday Extended into Thursday

At first glance, it might have been easy to miss the part of the Fed’s statement where the word “significant” had been added to the phrase … Read more

High Hopes for QE3

I’m a little surprised by how high QE3 expectations have risen. Given how much flack the Fed took for QE2, and the commodity … Read more

Q2 Earnings Season Starts Today

When it comes to conspiracy theories, and the theorists who theorize them, I definitely fall into the armchair variety. Sure, conspiracy theories… Read more

Stocks Rally Despite Some Weak Earnings Reports

The stock market has put together a furious rally to end the second quarter. The S&P 500 took out two important resistance … Read more

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