What’s Your Plan for a Bear Market?

In a bear market, you need a bearish strategy. Consider this simple but valuable tool to boost your overall gains, even while stocks are selling off. Read more

Why Stocks Will Repair and Recover, and Why I Guarantee It

If you’re shocked by stocks’ sharp fall and bear market talk, you’re not alone. The good news is that long-horizon investors nearly always recover. Read more

Chinese Boycott Apple iPhone, U.S. Stocks Crash

After the market selloff, now’s the time to discover new profit strategies. Learn how to protect your wealth and profit … even if stocks crash in 2019. Read more

I Like Stocks More Today Than Yesterday. You Should, Too

Investing risk isn’t embedded in an asset class. Risk is relative. The price of many stocks today relative to the recent past points to a less risky market. Read more

Strategies That Work Best in a Bear Market

In my unique approach, I trade a mix of short-term trades using bear call spreads and iron condors. These bear market strategies produce results. Read more

Secret Stock Strategy: How to Prosper in Any Market

I’m not worried about the market going south. My investing strategy will see me through thick and thin. It’s as good as any at generating long-term wealth. Read more

Exploit the Profit Opportunities in This Turbulent Market

The return of market volatility has allowed us to average 11.5% return per trade over 37 trades in 2018. Learn how you can profit from it, too. Read more

Don’t Sell! The No. 1 Reason to Remain Invested

Most stock-investment portfolios have been battered during the recent market sell-off. But does it reflect the start of a major market correction? Read more

Devastating Market Crash a Certainty, Says This Prominent Billionaire

Yes, a market crash is reportedly what this well-known figure expects. But really, the good news looms larger than this report, and you will benefit. Read more

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