Emerging-Market Stocks Are Re-Emerging

Flows into emerging-market funds globally in early March were at the highest levels since the end of 2013. Read more

Why It’s Time to Buy Indian Equities

If you want to take some of the risk out of owning individual Indian equities, several ETFs are enticing. Read more

India ETF Caught in Downward-Sloped Channel

While the India ETF hasn’t fallen as sharply as funds that track the other BRIC countries, it’s still mired in a downward trend. Read more

Coca-Cola Sets Its Sights on African Expansion

In an effort to adapt to the changing consumer landscape, Coca-Cola is turning to M&A and aggressive African expansion. Read more

An Investment Guide to Latin American Stocks

Emerging markets have felt the brunt of the global market turmoil, but buying opportunities have emerged among choice Latin American stocks. Read more

The Real Reason Behind the Global Market Meltdown

China and oil are the usual suspects when seeking the cause of the current global market meltdown. But there’s another chief culprit to blame. Read more

Where Does Baidu Stock Go From Here?

The drop in the Chinese market has brought Baidu stock back into an intriguing trend channel. Read more

Investing in China: Out With the Old and In With the New

Even though U.S. analysts are still asleep when it comes to investing in China, the Chinese themselves know where to invest. Read more

A Tour Around the World of Emerging Markets

With all apologies to Vanguard Group founder John Bogle, indexes stink when it comes to investing in emerging markets. Read more

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