Why Emerging-Market Investments Are Nearly Always Sucker Bets

Rarely are emerging-market investments worth the risk when they are initially floated on an armada of hype. Read more

India ETF Presents a Shorting Opportunity

Like other global markets, India’s stock market has had a volatile year. The trend lines for this India ETF suggest an opportunity to short. Read more

China’s Currency Steps Out of the Shadow of the US

The decision by the Chinese central bank to no longer peg China’s currency solely to the U.S. dollar is sure to have significant ramifications worldwide. Read more

The Fed vs. the World: The Emerging Markets Showdown

In the aftermath of the Fed rate hike, the economies most vulnerable to a stronger U.S. dollar are the emerging markets – in particular, the “BRIC” nations. Read more

A 12.1% Brazilian Discount

Brazilian stocks have taken a beating since mid-2014. But the precipitous decline has led to a wealth of investment opportunities. Read more

How to Profit From the IMF’s China Currency Decision

On Nov. 30, the International Monetary Fund added China’s currency, known as the renminbi or the yuan, to its basket of reserve currencies. Read more

SABMiller Brews Up Solid Earnings Report Before Mega-Merger

Investors are toasting to SABMiller after the brewing giant reported a rise in underlying sales for the most recent quarter. Read more

Is the October Market Rally Sustainable?

The worst third quarter in four years was followed by a blowout market rally in October. Read more

A Contrarian Investment Opportunity in Emerging Markets

As legendary investors Sir John Templeton and Warren Buffett have said, you have to swim against the tide most times to make real money in the stock market. Read more

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