When Will You Claim Your $2,906 Liberty Check?

The deadline to claim your first Liberty Check is less than a week away. Income investors have the opportunity to claim $2,906. Read more

No Tax Refund, No Problem: Claim a $1,407 Liberty Check Today

The IRS expects to pay far less in total refunds this year. If a tax refund isn’t in your future, you can claim a Liberty Check. Anyone can. Read more

Beat the IRS At Its Own Game

Here’s a dividend strategy to help you to achieve peace of mind, even amid tax time. And it’s probably simpler then you’d think. Read more

Warren Buffett and Friends Collect Liberty Checks. Why Don’t You?

Rich and famous people like Warren Buffett are doing what you should be doing. They’re collecting liberty checks, and lots of them. Read more

Your Investment Portfolio Is Broken. ‘Liberty Checks’ Are the Fix

There is a way to fix your broken income portfolio: liberty checks. You have the opportunity to get the next one, expected to be worth $1,407. Read more

4 P.M. Deadline to Claim One of the Largest Liberty Checks of 2019

You, too, can claim one of the largest liberty checks this year. This $1,950 payout is available to all, but you must act by 4 p.m. today. Read more

2 P.M. Deadline: Claim Your $1,950 Liberty Check

The deadline is just hours away. Get on the list for liberty check payments from a specialty retailer. It’s the largest liberty check this year. Read more

Your Investment Portfolio Is a Wreck. Here’s How You Fix It

If your investment portfolio pays insufficient income, look to dividend stocks for a fix. Learn how to reap more dividend income. Read more

Collect a $1,169 Liberty Check Every 20 Days

Many U.S. corporations are awash in excess earnings. Many will drain the excess by issuing liberty checks. Learn how to collect them. Read more

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