Oil is Hot, Silver is Hotter

Oil is getting all the headlines, as it jumps over $100 a barrel for the
first time in 3 years as Libya’s production is essentially shut down. But
it’s silver that’s really setting records.

Silver prices are projected to double this year and our Sierra Madre miner is already up big, with more upside to come.Silver
hit a 31-year high just below $35 an ounce on Tuesday.

Silver is benefiting from the same inflation concern that’s pushing gold
prices higher. But unlike gold, silver also has industrial uses.

That means silver prices may be more stable than gold.

Many analysts think silver could hit $50 an ounce this year. Terry
Hallon, president of Dillon Gage Metals, thinks silver is headed to
$75 an ounce

People are looking for hard assets. Yes, the current situation in
the Middle East is compounding matters
,” he said. “But sovereign
debt issues around the world are not going away. They are long-term
problems with no quick immediate solutions.

Silver at $75 an ounce would mean huge gains for silver stocks.

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