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Will Total’s Russian Natural Gas Gamble Pay Off?

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The Best Way to Invest Above the 49th Parallel

The hockey-loving, continent hog from directly above the U.S. has been quietly thriving for the last few decades. That’s right, Canada. As a Vermonter, I have the privilege of… Read more

Top 2 Ways To Capitalize On Oil And Gas

Jana Partners is one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to activist investing. Most investors follow the corporate raider that is Carl Icahn, but this smaller fund has… Read more

Profit From the Iraq Conflict with this Stock

The Iraqi conflict isn’t good news for those hoping for peace in the Middle East. Nor is it good news for oil and gas companies with operations in the… Read more

3 Top Energy Stocks For the Retirement Investor

When investing for retirement, you want to hold stocks that provide capital preservation and dividend payments rather than going for home-run growth stocks.  Your risk profile is different in… Read more

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