Amazon EV Stock Plans 2021 IPO

One new Michigan EV stock is preparing to go public . . . And it could be a big win for Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) and other early investors. The… Read more

This Earnings Season Strategy Is Up 224.4% in 2020

How has your portfolio performed in 2020? Click here to see how we made more in a few trades than most investors have made all year. Bear markets have… Read more

Yes, You Should Be Worried About the U.S. Dollar

The following is a true story, and if you don’t learn the lesson it has to teach about the U.S. dollar – you could lose everything. Read more

Amazon Scores HUGE Price Target

$3,800. That’s the newest and biggest share price target for Amazon shares (NASDAQ: AMZN). The target price represents a 27% increase from the recent share price. Yet smart investors… Read more

Inside the New 5G Smart Factory

5G promises to deliver 10 times faster wireless connections. Yet the world is just starting to realize the huge impact of faster 5G wireless connectivity . . . and… Read more

Google CEO Issues China 5G Warning

One Chinese company wants to become the No. 1 provider of 5G network technologies. The company is named Huawei (private). The Chinese company is unknown to most Americans –… Read more

These Stocks Own the ‘Toll-Road’ for 5G Traffic

In case you haven’t noticed, Nasdaq stocks are on fire. In fact, they have not performed this well in over two decades . . . since the dot-com era… Read more

Fed To Banks: No Dividends For You

Banks are struggling to pay bank dividends, but there’s another way to lock in income. Click here to find out how. Dividend investors typically own a lot of bank… Read more

CDC Issues Warning for Americans

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) just issued a warning . . . The actual number of cases is 10X higher than the official count, the CDC said in… Read more

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