How to Create a Steady $1,540 in Income Every 63 Days

Do your due diligence, take the time to learn this strategy and you will be rewarded with one of the best opportunities for income the market has to offer. Read more

A Secret Income Strategy to Generate Exceptional Investment Return

The percentages are huge, really huge: Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) up 40,000%; (NASDAQ: AMZN) up 18,000%; even downtrodden Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) is up 17,000%. The percentages refer to the… Read more

How a Problem Led to a 120% Return

I like problems because problems set up an investment for exceptional returns. Problems weigh on the share price, thus offering a lower cost basis and the opportunity to benefit… Read more

Where to Invest When Yield Is Scarce

Income from quality fixed-income investments – debt and bank deposits – have been drastically reduced in recent years. With yield scarce, here's where investors should turn.

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Redemption in a One-Day 48% Return

BGC Partners (NASDAQ: BGCP), an institutional securities trading and commercial real estate broker, has struggled since High Yield Wealth recommended it 18 months ago. Now it's back with a… Read more

Why Banking is an Illegitimate Business

Banks everywhere are destined to screw up, screw up repeatedly and screw up on a monumental, crisis-inducing scale.

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Five Telltale Signs Your Stock Will Double

If doubling your money is the goal, there are five indicators you need to consider. These indicators will lead you to investments that offer the highest probability you will… Read more

The Only Yield Worth Chasing

Investors are desperate for yield. But there is really only one market worth vetting for yield and income.

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The Newest Yield Trap: Student Loans

Student loans are the new frontier for income investors in search of yield. Here's why you shouldn't take the bait.

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