Why I’m Nervous … Why You Should Be, Too

Many of the relative valuation metrics I follow point to an overvalued market. The question is, why is the market becoming so overvalued, and why are so many investments… Read more

Dude, You’re Getting Taken by a Dell

Unethical behavior by Dell's (NASDAQ: DELL) founder and CEO should have the company's shareholders outraged.

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Why I Blame the Government for Boeing

Aerospace giant Boeing (NYSE: BA) invested in a fantasy and is paying the price.

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The High-Yield Alternative to the World’s Most Insane Investment

Investing in the big banks is the very definition of insanity. But there are high-yield alternatives to the big banks.

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How to Construct a Portfolio that Yields 100%

I'm convinced dividends will continue to be the driving variable in stock valuation for years to come. When companies consistently increase earnings and dividend payments, share price is sure… Read more

The One Dependable Investment Strategy for This (and Every) Market

There are strategies that income investors can use to maintain their purchasing power should dividend taxes rise.

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Now is Not the Time to Give Up on Gold

I like gold because it's a risk-reducing, portfolio-diversifying asset. It's also been a strong-performing asset over the past decade – up nearly 400%.

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The Election is Settled, But the Markets Aren’t

Uncertainty over the election results has given way to an even bigger impediment for investors: the fiscal cliff.

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The Election Outcome and the Rising Risk to Your Portfolio

Thank goodness there are only a few days left before the election. So does the end of the election mean your investment portfolio will be set free from this… Read more

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