This Popular Government-Backed Income Investment is Worthless

You may be getting duped by the U.S. government. That is, if you’re like millions of others who own a certain popular government-backed income investment.

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Prepare for the Coming Dividend Tax Bomb NOW

If you are a dividend investor in the upper echelons of income earners – $200,000 or more annually – you are in for a tax shock after the… Read more

The Election: Turn Out the Lights, the Party’s Over

A month ago I commented on the direction the November election was taking. Since then, there has been a change. Not in direction, but in the magnitude and… Read more

Hate the Trend, But Exploit the Opportunity

The Federal Reserve has been debasing money at an unprecedented rate since 2009. Last week's announcement that it would be buying $40 billion of mortgage-backed securities (MBS) monthly… Read more

Dividends the Only Reliable Return in Today’s Range-Bound Market

My personal investing philosophy is that cash flow to the investor matters most. Dividends of quality companies are quantifiable and can be used to gauge credible investment value… Read more

This High-Yield Stock Wins with Obama or Romney

'Tis the season to game the November elections. But there's one high-yield investment that pays out big dividends no matter which party is in power.

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The Best Stock to Play the Housing Recovery (And It’s Not a Housing Stock)

I want to invest in the housing recovery, but I also want to invest for income and stability. There's an investment that does just that.

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Three Great Companies You Don

This misconception trips up more investors than any other. That is, great companies equal great investments.

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Five Irrefutable Reasons to Invest in Preferred Stocks

Income investors typically turn to dividend-paying stocks or bonds. Preferred stocks are often overlooked. Here are five reasons they should no longer be ignored.

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