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My No.1 Trading Strategy for a Rising Stock Market

My No.1 Trading Strategy for a Rising Stock Market

Now is the perfect time to trade momentum stocks for big profits, and here is my favorite trading strategy to do just that successfully.



Netflix Is Hanging On by a Thread

To make money, it's important to recognize when a company's story is changing. That is exactly the case with Netflix stock.

On Sale: 2 High-Yield Energy Stocks

There is much more yield in the energy sector for investors to capture. Here are two high-yield energy stocks that are attractive now.

Don’t Miss This Live Stock Analysis: Apple, Netflix & S&P 500

In this live stock analysis, Evan Lazarus, chief technical analyst at Wyatt Investment Research, evaluates stocks like Google, Apple, Netflix, Tesla, Intel and Twitter.

Will Brexit Hurt These Big U.S. Stocks?

These U.S. stocks have broad exposure in the U.K., where a post-Brexit recession is a real possibility.

UK Investors Are Swamped With Dividend Income. US Investors Could Be Next

Like UK investors, US investors could experience a bonanza of dividends and dividend income if the right circumstances unfold. Learn how.

Private Video From My Vermont Research Library

In this video, Evan Lazarus explains how every investor can identify and profitably trade the fastest-moving stocks.



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